Rachel Clancy


Rachel Clancy (27, from Limerick, Ireland lives in London)

Rachel, 27, is originally from Limerick where she completed her undergraduate degree in Graphic Design. Following a successful venture as an Art Director and completing a Masters in Independent Game Design, Rachel developed a prototype of her game ‘Get Closer’ with her girlfriend Ida.

Get Closer is a text adventure game where players open dialogue with a forest creature who needs their help. The game teaches young children how to identify and cope with difficult emotions such as sadness and fear as a way to talk about bigger mental health issues. 

Rachel hopes that the game will help to bridge the gap between education and mental health to improve support and resources. She also wants to be a role model to those with learning differences and prove that having ADHD shouldn’t stop you from pursuing a career in tech and coding.

During her scholarship, Rachel plans to work alongside her professional mentor to improve, optimise and distribute Get Closer and build relationships with schools. 


“People with ADHD tend to think that something involving logical thinking isn’t for them. I’m happy to be represented as a coder with a learning difference as I think there isn’t a lot of visibility for people like us.”

“Sky is a tech company, I’m hoping to make the most out of the professionals that work there and get a better idea of how to optimise, build and distribute the game.”