Olga Kravchenko


Olga Kravchenko (24, Ukrainian, lives in London)

After completing a Masters in Arts and Cultural Management at King’s College London, she set-up Musemio, a VR App which transforms the way children experience culture by using engaging VR elements to educate. 

Musemio is a mobile App that children can use in a cardboard headset. It’s designed to make museums and the arts entertaining for children with immersive storytelling and interactive graphics.

Olga was inspired to apply for this year’s programme after meeting Women in Tech Scholar, Kike Oniwinde.

After impressing the judging panel with her passion to develop the App, she plans to use AI-powered engines to personalise VR experiences to match different learning styles, and help cultural institutions improve their interactions with younger digital generations.


“Pursuing a career in technology is something you can learn on the job. As long as you have the support of incredible people, and you are willing to put your heart and passion into creating innovation, you will be able to succeed.”

“Sky is an absolutely incredible company that is very diverse and at the forefront of technological innovation and development.”

“It’s important that girls understand they can change the world. Technology enables you to tackle global problems and come up with amazing creative solutions for your own passion.”