Mary Murphy


Mary Murphy (20, County Mayo, Ireland)

Mary, the youngest Sky Women in Tech Scholar, grew up on a farm with her four siblings. Mary and her family were continually running into problems on their own farm which resulted in her and her twin sister setting up their own company, designing and manufacturing the Sheep Marking Gun.

Unlike the standard option available, the Sheep Marking Gun is a single-handed device, allowing the farmer to hold the sheep in one hand and mark it with the other.

As part of the scholarship, Mary plans to continue engineering agritech products, including a GPS tracker system for sheep to prevent them being stolen or attacked by predators.

Mary was inspired to apply to the scholarship by Sky’s commitment to sustainability and supporting women working in technology. 


“Sky is making huge efforts to support women in technology and that encouraged me to apply.”

“Our goal is to use technology to solve simple problems that farmers encounter and make their day-to-day lives easier.”