Colleen Wong


Colleen Wong (43, London, England)

With no technical experience Colleen set-up the successful My Gator Watch, a wearable mobile phone and tracker for children, after taking her kids to a farm and seeing another mum looking for her missing child.

My Gator Watch helps younger children gain independence while giving families peace of mind, allowing kids to stay active without the distractions of a camera, internet, social media and games.

With the help of the Sky Women in Tech Scholarship, the inspirational mother of two plans to evolve the product from a tracker for kids, to a wearable mobile device for seniors that can track location and detect falls, to help the elderly maintain independence.   


“It’s a great opportunity to partner with a major brand, and I really see a family focus at Sky. My watch is targeted at young children and to expand to seniors means it’s for the whole family and Sky is a great brand for families.”

“I never had thought, ‘okay, I’m going to start a tech business.’ I had zero technology experience or education, I just had an idea. If you ever see a problem for yourself, ask around, do others have the same problem? And if they do and you have a solution, give it a go.”